How to Waste Taxpayer Money While Alienating People

New York state, like Massachusetts, is indulging a push to repeal rigorous education standards. To beat back that foolish effort, a coalition of philanthropic and business leaders in New York conducted an analysis to see just how wasteful this endeavor would become if implemented. Crain's reported:

The two states that have repealed Common Core will ultimately spend close to $300 million combined replacing it with something similar or worse, the report found ... [in New York] it would cost $480 million for Common Core to be replaced statewide.

As we learned last week, these efforts to repeal the Common Core are mostly political and lack arguments rooted in substance. Anti-Common Corers would do better to go door to door collecting taxpayer money, then summarily flushing it down the toilet. While there exist substantive arguments against rigorous standards, I haven't heard a good one in a while. In the meantime, the evidence continues to mount that repeal efforts could lack legal grounding, and will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to indulge legislators' desire for political cover in an election year. I don't know where you shop, but that's an expensive fig leaf.