At Medium: Suburban Moms Making Unorthodox Choices

I have a long-form piece at Bright, a Medium publication, this week. Please head over there and check it out! In the article, I explore an educational phenomenon so new that experts have a hard time describing it: a combination "microschool" and homeschooling collective. Here's an excerpt:

When I walked in to Trellis, it was like stepping back in time to revisit the elementary school classroom in suburban New Jersey that my mother curated: equal parts exciting and chaotic. The walls in the space were haphazard; every year, the students vote on how to move the temporary walls. This year, one small room is a dedicated “maker space,” where kids can take advantage of materials donated from a local biotech firm to make small machines and conduct experiments. One student had just made a water-propulsion system, better known as a squirt gun. A large table at the center of the biggest makeshift room hosted a German-style strategy board game that the kids of Trellis designed and made. The library had been recently reorganized to become a shrine to the Back to the Future–themed Rube Goldberg device the students assembled for a science competition at MIT.

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