ICYMI: Whither a Charter Cap

Last week I wrote a piece for Education Post about the charter schools cap in Massachusetts, which, like the Common Core, is likely to be subject to popular opinion on the November ballot. In the piece I examine the asymmetry between both the quality of, and demand for, charter schools (high!) and the state legislature's likeliness to do anything about that (low!):

While charter school performance nationally is not uniform, Boston’s public charter schools are notable for being the absolute strongest in the country, all while serving a higher proportion of students of color and low-income students, than comparable traditional schools.
It should be no surprise, then, that there are over 30,000 students on waitlists for the state's charters.
What is surprising, however, is our legislature’s commitment to maintaining an arbitrary statutory cap on the growth of new charter schools. Despite clear demand from families and stellar results, the cap on new schools has not budged since 2010, with the primary hold-up happening in the state Senate, where suburban legislators dominate the education conversation.

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