Monday Reading List: Voices and Images from the March for Our Lives

I went down to Washington DC on Saturday for the March for Our Lives, and I was blown away by young people who spoke. Here is Naomi Wadler, just 11-years-old, who led the walkouts at her elementary school:

Alex King and D'Angelo McDade talked about their experiences living in in Chicago, while connecting the current fight again gun violence to the Civil Rights struggle:

Edna Chavez, who organizes young people in Los Angeles, lost her brother to gun violence:

Christopher Underwood - also just 11-years-old - lost his brother to gun violence six years ago:

There were dozens of marches around the country, attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Whenever possible, I encourage you to listen to the actual words of the young people who spoke at those events, and not the sanitized versions that get processed through the political pundits.

While at the March, I spent some time snapping pictures, many of which I shared throughout the day on the Instagram feed.

I took a bunch more photos, some of which are on Instagram, at both my personal page (@juscohen) and at the page of the #PoliticizeMyDeath campaign (@politicizemydeath). 

I will be posting more pictures throughout the week, so please keep checking back!

In the meantime, take some time today to view and/or read the speeches from the students. Trust me, it's worth your time.

Have a great, and inspiring, week!